SERVPRO of Scripps Ranch / Mira Mesa / Rancho Penasquitos Employee Photos

Anna Meza

Anna Meza is the Contents Manager at SERVPRO. Anna has extensive experience in managing the contents team, to make sure that customer belongings are always well kept, cleaned, and stored properly. Her knowledge has been crucial to completing the projects that we've produced, and she makes sure that the customer experience is at the heart of our work.

Fun Fact: In her spare time, Anna likes to tend to her personal garden, which is filled with large plants, fruits, and vegetables.

Gabriel Quintero

Gabriel Quintero is our Estimator at SERVPRO. For over three years, Gabriel has been a crucial member of the team responsible for accurately estimating costs and resources related to water mitigation and construction projects. His day-to-day activities are based on providing estimates and budgets to our project manager and insurance companies.

Fun Fact: Gabriel dreams of one day becoming a successful video game streamer.

Julio De Pablos

Julio De Pablos is our Production Manager at SERVPRO. Julio, our dedicated Production Manager, has an impressive 14-year tenure. He oversees restoration projects and production crews, prioritizing customer satisfaction, revenue growth, and staff development. Julio's leadership drives operational excellence, making him a key asset to our team.

Fun Fact: He and his family are avid fans of Spanish cooking, with Paella being their mouthwatering specialty.

Priscilla Limon

Priscilla Limon is our Bookkeeper at SERVPRO. Thanks to Priscilla, SERVPRO's financial records are always organized. Her main responsibility is to record and organize financial transactions, ensuring that all financial data is properly documented and classified.

Fun Fact: Priscilla really enjoys riding her bike, both on the street and in the mountains.

Noemi Carrillo

Noemi Carrillo is our Marketing Representative at SERVPRO. Noemi infuses our team with boundless creativity and fun. She spearheads our marketing efforts and manages social media, capturing pivotal moments in our operations to share with our audience.

Fun Fact: Noemi's international exposure includes studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain, where she gained invaluable experiences.

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